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Birthdate:Feb 10, 1987
Location:Coventry, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Interests (150):

19th century europe, airships, anxiety, art films, artists, bbc news online, bdsm, being on the move, being who you are, berlin, blossom, cafés, chaos, cider, city lights, classic rpgs, clothes, cocoa, coffee shops, connecting, cooking, counting crows, creative writing, creativity, cuddling, cuddly toys, cunning linguists, d/s, dark fantasy, daydreams, defa, descriptive writing, deutsch, deutschland, discworld, doctor who, doing what you can, dressing up, dyspraxia, earl grey, east germany, eclectic music, eclecticism, egham, emotions, europe, eurovision, eutin, exploration, eyes, final fantasy, final fantasy music, finding my way, folk music, fruit wine, gender, gender dynamics, gender history, geography, german history, germany, helping friends, hignfy, history, intellectualism, journalism, kink, kitties, kofola, ladytron, lattes, lava reef zone, learning new things, lights in darkness, linguistics, literary analysis, lush, lübeck, magnamund, maps, marmite, memories, mood lighting, mornington crescent, mountainous landscapes, musical inspiration, natural hazards, navigation, neurodiversity, no day but today, nottingham, one piece, pansexuality, pasta, performance poetry, peri peri sauce, photography, pine oil, plushies, poetry, pretending to be arty, proving the world wrong, prussia, rhul, riddles, romance, romanticism, royal holloway, rpgs, rum, scattering the moon, schleswig-holstein, scotland, secret garden, secret of evermore, self-discovery, sexualities, shivering jemmy, snuggling, socialising, solo sunny, sonata arctica, spicy food, steampunk navigation, subjectivity, submission, tad williams, the dawn, the dresden dolls, the night sky, the sea, thunderstorms, time, touch fuzzy get dizzy, trains, travel, travel journalism, true love, twitter, unconventionality, venus castina, video game music, viva la vie, waterfalls, wild landscapes, wir sind helden, wordplay, writing, writing as dreams, zydrate anatomy

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